Surrender Post

My new surrender post is up on my friend’s blog, she is amazing and I really love all that women have done for me in my life and she is a person that I sometimes look up to as she faces her own challenges.

Check me and her out!

Love Madhur.


Diving Right In – My Intentions Here

Every good chapter begins with great intentions. So the following are 10 things I wish to achieve while on this platform:

  • Being Clear and Focused.
  • A Greater love and acceptance For myself, developing a deeper and more intimate connection to myself and my soul.
  • Being in a space of pure curiosity and limitless possibility.
  • To become a sustainable version of my best version that evolves with naturally with ease.
  • Being empowered.
  • Being completely accepting and unafraid in who I am.
  • Being lovingly abundant money wise and otherwise.
  • Being very healthy.
  • Being present and in Flow – Forever.
  • Discover my true passion and purpose here in life.

My commitment: Nothing is off limits here, I will write about whatever my heart wants me to.

A message to myself,

❤ Madhur

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